2017 MONOLITH Junior Offers Excellent Value

Monolithic Junior – The details:

For 2017 the opening for the smoke chip feeder system is covered with a friction fitting plug.

In order to offer excellent value for money our entry level Monolith Junior features a cast iron charcoal grate which can be upgraded with a charcoal basket if desired.

Likewise, at extra cost you can add a grill grate lifter.

In Summary The 2017 UK Monolith Junior Features All Of The Following:

  • MONOLITH Junior in black or red
  • Steel Cart
  • Stainless Steel Grill Grate
  • Single Heat Deflector Stone with lift
  • 2nd tier grill grate (stainless steel)

The UK RRP is £425 with steel cart and £359 with no cart (includes 3 ceramic feet)