The complete outdoor kitchen

The complete outdoor kitchen


Barbecue, low temperature cooking, baking, smoking and searing – whichever way you prepare your dishes, the MONOLITH grill will always enable you to achieve perfect results. Whether you want high temperatures for the perfect steak or low temperatures for smoking – the MONOLITH delivers it all.


Due to its unique thermal efficiency the MONOLITH grill needs very little energy to generate and maintain the desired temperature so with just 2,5 – 3 kg of charcoal the MONOLITH can cook low and slow for up to 24 hours. Furthermore very little oxygen is required to maintain temperature and air movement is minimal so meats stay moist and juicy.


Compared to other barbecues the MONOLITH is extremely fuel efficient delivering high temperatures with minimal waste and makes searing a couple of steaks a breeze. Simply open the top and bottom vents and air races in to quickly heat the charcoal. When done just close the vents to stop the air flow, the grill and fire area are now sealed and within a short time the charcoal embers die down ready to be re-used next time.


Our unique system for adding wood chips gives the meat that typical smoky BBQ taste without having to disturb the meat by raising the lid. Flavoured wood chips are placed in a chute and are pushed through the specially designed aperture directly in to the fire.


The MONOLITH is made of extremely heat-resistant ceramics and highgrade stainless steel. The robustly designed cart is made of powdercoated steel, has two practical solid bamboo side tables and locking casters for safety.


The outside surface temperature of the MONOLITH is much lower than a regular steel grill – there is minimal danger of burn injuries.


The exceptional thermal performance of the solid ceramic and clever air regulation means you can control the temperature in the MONOLITH like no other type of grill. In addition charcoal consumption is around 25 –
50 % less than a regular grill. Light the charcoal and you are ready to cook in just 15 minutes with far less fuel burnt during the preheating phase.


The outstanding thermal performance of the ceramic coupled with the use of high-quality stainless steel make the MONOLITH very low-maintenance and it can even be used in winter. Simply clean by setting at 200°C for 15-20 minutes.


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The complete outdoor kitchen